Biodynamic Milk

Our Biodynamic Milk

By PaulT|2018-08-09T06:27:59+00:004th August 2018|

We believe it is vital that food be produced as naturally as possible. Our milk is not changed, standardised, watered down, added to or modified in any way. We trust our cows to produce the best quality milk. Our milk varies between seasons and according to the pasture available at the time. We have

What is the composition of Mungalli Biodynamic milk?

By BethW|2018-08-09T06:14:19+00:003rd August 2018|

We test our milk for butter fat and protein levels on a weekly basis and the percentages are higher than natural full cream cow's milk. We do not test for minerals other than sodium, but due to the breed of cows that we run we expect our milk to be high on minerals as

Can we buy raw milk from you?

By BethW|2018-08-09T06:14:32+00:003rd August 2018|

Australian Food Regulations do not allow the sale of raw (unpasteurised) milk. We endeavour to keep processing to a minimum. Our milk is pasteurised at 72 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds then chilled and bottled. The milk is not homogenised or standardised. The full cream is as it comes from the cow and the

Is Mungalli milk Halal?

By BethW|2018-08-09T06:13:51+00:003rd August 2018|

Our products are not certified Halal or Kosher. The only certification we hold is Australian Demeter Biodynamic which assures customers we use the highest standard of enhanced organic farm practices which is better for your health and the environment. We farm naturally using sustainable organic and biodynamic farming practices. When you buy Mungalli Products

Is Mungalli milk A2 milk?

By BethW|2018-08-09T06:14:04+00:003rd August 2018|

After careful consideration and research into the A2 claims, we decided not to become licensed with the A2 Corporation. The a2 Milk™ is a patented marketing brand and can only be used under license. However we continue to monitor new studies into A2 but at this stage there is insufficient scientific evidence to show

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