Here are some of our most frequently asked questions! If your question isn’t here don’t hesitate to get in contact!
Can we come to see the milking?BethW2018-08-07T11:11:47+00:00

We welcome milking tour requests for groups (min 10 people) to see the milking. Please submit your request via our general enquiries contact form and we can provide a quote for a group tour.

Do you offer lunches and other prepared meals?BethW2018-08-09T06:09:58+00:00

Yes, we do offer lunch at our Tea house! We serve decadent meals and morning tea based on our biodynamic/ organic dairy products.

What are the opening times for your Farmhouse Cafe?BethW2018-08-09T06:10:13+00:00

Out of the Whey is open from 10am till 4pm year round with the exception of Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day when we are closed. We are also closed in the month of February for maintenance. 

What happens to your bobby calves?BethW2018-08-09T06:12:10+00:00

At Mungalli Creek Dairy we run an Adoptabull program. If you are interested in adopting one of our bull calves or know someone who does, please contact us. Thank you for your interest in ensuring food is produced in an ethical and sustainable manner.

What do you feed your cows?BethW2018-08-09T06:12:36+00:00

Our cows graze on naturally balanced pasture all year round. The fertile and diverse pastures of our farms contain nutritious plants like chicory, rape, clover, oats, brachiaria and setaria grasses, plantain, pinto peanut and vetch – nutritious & delicious! When needed our cows are fed small quantites of grain and molasses to suppliment their diet. This is especially the case in winter when our pastures are depleted.

Do you use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives?BethW2018-08-09T06:13:09+00:00

We produce fresh, natural products which are free from, artificial colours, flavours or thickeners in our milk, yoghurts or cheeses. Our milk isn’t homogenised or standardised as well and we certainly use no preservatives!

Are your products Gluten free?BethW2018-08-09T06:13:36+00:00

All of our products are naturally gluten free. We endeavour to produce fresh, natural products and use no thickeners or artificial flavours in our milk, yoghurts or cheeses. Our milk isn’t homogenised or standardised as well.

Is Mungalli milk Halal?BethW2018-08-09T06:13:51+00:00

Our products are not certified Halal or Kosher. The only certification we hold is Australian Demeter Biodynamic which assures customers we use the highest standard of enhanced organic farm practices which is better for your health and the environment. We farm naturally using sustainable organic and biodynamic farming practices. When you buy Mungalli Products – you are supporting a 100% Australian owned business that supports the local staff we employ, our local communities, our family farm and other Atherton Tableland family farms.

Is Mungalli milk A2 milk?BethW2018-08-09T06:14:04+00:00

After careful consideration and research into the A2 claims, we decided not to become licensed with the A2 Corporation. The a2 Milk™ is a patented marketing brand and can only be used under license. However we continue to monitor new studies into A2 but at this stage there is insufficient scientific evidence to show any adverse health effects from consumption of milk with a predominance of A1 protein compared with A2. There is some evidence that homogenisation, not the milk protein, may potentially increase milk’s ability to cause sensitivities or allergic reactions. Recent research has shown no connection of dairy consumption with autism. Our milk will contain both A1 and A2 but due to our predominance of Brown Swiss, Jersey and Aussie Red cows, our milk is naturally higher in A2 protein. In the event that the A2 protein does prove to be beneficial, we have been working towards herds that have a prevalence of A2 protein. Although some farms use DNA testing to ensure all of their cows only produce A2 milk and cull those who do not conform, we tend to work with nature and choose the breeds that naturally have a stronger proportion of A2 beta casein protein.

What is the composition of Mungalli Biodynamic milk?BethW2018-08-09T06:14:19+00:00

We test our milk for butter fat and protein levels on a weekly basis and the percentages are higher than natural full cream cow’s milk. We do not test for minerals other than sodium, but due to the breed of cows that we run we expect our milk to be high on minerals as well.

Can we buy raw milk from you?BethW2018-08-09T06:14:32+00:00

Australian Food Regulations do not allow the sale of raw (unpasteurised) milk. We endeavour to keep processing to a minimum. Our milk is pasteurised at 72 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds then chilled and bottled. The milk is not homogenised or standardised. The full cream is as it comes from the cow and the low fat is settled overnight in the vat leaving the cream on the top behind.

Where can I buy your lovely products?BethW2018-08-09T06:15:26+00:00

Please see our Stockists page.

Our Biodynamic MilkPaulT2018-08-09T06:27:59+00:00

We believe it is vital that food be produced as naturally as possible. Our milk is not changed, standardised, watered down, added to or modified in any way. We trust our cows to produce the best quality milk. Our milk varies between seasons and according to the pasture available at the time. We have a mixed herd of Jersey, Brown Swiss and Aussie Red cows which adds to its diverse composition. We bottle the milk as it comes from the cow, no additives and definitely no permeates.

Mungalli Creek milk is brought directly to our on-farm production facility from our dairy (just down the road). Two other Biodynamic and organic farms on the Atherton Tablelands supply us with milk which is picked up in a small truck with a tank on the back. It is low-temperature pasteurised – heated at 72 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds – then chilled, bottled and transported to the shops the following day. As Mungalli Creek Dairy uses Biodynamic farming techniques, year round healthy pastures and our quality milk are maintained without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilisers or additives.

Which cultures do you use in your products?BethW2018-10-04T00:04:50+00:00

Our yoghurts are produced using Lactic acid cultures. Our Natural Set yoghurts are made using Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bifidus cultures along with other bacteria. To get these we use a mix of two starters (ABT-5 & YC-180). We make our Greek yoghurts using Lactobacillus delbrueckii (culture YFL-812). The correct balance of these bacteria is necessary for consistent and good quality yoghurt. Some studies have shown that L. Bifidus may play a part in lowering cholesterol in the blood.  Our Kefir is made with lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis, lactococcus lactis ssp. cremoris, lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis biovar diacetylactis, streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus kefir, lactobacillus parakefir, lactobacillus delbueckii ssp. bulgaricus and saccharomyces cerevisiae. Finally our quark is made with culture CHN-9.

Can we visit your farm?BethW2022-02-18T01:40:26+00:00

A good way to get an impression of our farm and to try our products is to come and visit our Farmhouse Café ‘Out of the Whey’. Our cafe is buiilt in the original farm house that the Watson’s grew up in and  is situated in the heart of our farm. The production area adjoins the cafe which allows for viewing windows into our production area. We serve decadent meals as well as morning and afternoon tea, which is based on our organic dairy products and locally sourced organic produce. The verandah over-looks the Johnston River Gorge and world heritage rainforest. There are also calf pens behind production for the children to view. “Out of the Whey” is on Brooks Road, 10km from Millaa Millaa off the Palmerston Hwy. From our cafe you can look through viewing windows into our production area. You can see the equipment we use in manufacturing the yoghurts, cheese and bottling milk. It would depend on what day and the time of day if there is activity or not. e.g. we do not process products on the weekend and cheese is only done every second Tuesday late in the afternoon. The rest of the days in the week are spent packaging milk or yoghurt or cream. Most of the activity is in the early mornings to early afternoon. We look out onto Mt Bartle Frere, Queensland’s highest Mountain and are 10 mins from the famous waterfall circuit and 20 mins from Mamu Canopy walk. Our milking area is 1km down the road and we only normally do organised tours there with school groups and it happens very early in the morning and late in the afternoon. We are looking forward to welcoming you on farm.

Does Mungalli Creek dairy offer Farm Tours?BethW2022-10-19T01:07:45+00:00

Because of our strict Bio Security we currently only offer tours for pre-organised groups of ten or more and School groups. However we hope to offer regular tours on our farm soon so that individuals and families can join and see exactly where their milk come from.

Are you going to use mRNA vaccines?BethW2022-11-03T00:44:39+00:00

As a Biodynamic Dairy Farm the care of our herd and animals is our highest priority and is all done naturally, using natural and herbal and homeopathic remedies. The use of any vaccines, would go against our values and any certification we hold for Biodynamics and Organics. Rest assured that your milk is pure and naturally produced and then bottled fresh straight from the farm from happy cows that graze lush Biodynamic mountain pastures free of any nasties.

Do you offer lactose free options?BethW2023-04-13T04:27:41+00:00

We have an entire range of Greek style Yoghurts that are lactose free. Our Greek Style yoghurt comes in Natural and three decadent flavours: Organic Mango, Organic Berry and Organic Strawberries. We also have a whole lactose free ice-cream range (Broken Nose Vanilla, Espresso Coffee, Belgian Chocolate, Mango Sherbet, Banana Choc-chip, Mint Choc-chip) and a Passionfruit Frozen Yoghurt.

Our Bliss Iced drinks are also Lactose Free: Iced Coffee, Iced Chocolate and Iced Mocha! We do have a Lactose Free Biodynamic Milk and Pouring Cream.

So feel free to indulge in our decadent biodynamic products!

How old are your calves before they are separated from their mother?BethW2024-06-26T02:46:22+00:00

All of ours calves are fed by their mothers in the paddock until they are old enough to join other calves in a calf paddock with access to a shed for feeding and shelter.

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