We believe it is vital that food be produced as naturally as possible. Our milk is not changed, standardised, watered down, added to or modified in any way. We trust our cows to produce the best quality milk. Our milk varies between seasons and according to the pasture available at the time. We have a mixed herd of Jersey, Brown Swiss and Aussie Red cows which adds to its diverse composition. We bottle the milk as it comes from the cow, no additives and definitely no permeates.

Mungalli Creek milk is brought directly to our on-farm production facility from our dairy (just down the road). Two other Biodynamic and organic farms on the Atherton Tablelands supply us with milk which is picked up in a small truck with a tank on the back. It is low-temperature pasteurised – heated at 72 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds – then chilled, bottled and transported to the shops the following day. As Mungalli Creek Dairy uses Biodynamic farming techniques, year round healthy pastures and our quality milk are maintained without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilisers or additives.