“The idea to convert the family dairy to biodynamics came before the business did. It was more important to us at the time to consider the sustainability of what we were doing and the footprint we would leave, it was an organic process, pardon the pun.”
Rob Watson


Like Organic farmers, we use no artificial fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones. Biodynamics however takes organic farming a step further. It focuses on the farm as a living ecosystem that is a part of the environment rather than separate from it.

Our farms are more than just cows and pasture; we have planted rainforest and created wetlands to cultivate a living farm organism. We look at soil health, vegetation and livestock health holistically and focus on enhancing soil fertility. Biodynamic practices and preparations breathe life, energy and strength into the land, which in turn produces food that is rich in nutrients.

Conventional farming with its salty chemical fertilisers, poisons and heavy machinery drains the land of life over a period of time whereas the biodynamic preparations in conjunction with good organic farming practices restores this vitality, rejuvenating the soil. Soil structure improves, soil biology is restored and the farm is regenerated.

Converting the farm to Biodynamics, using principles set out by Rudolf Steiner in Germany in the 1920’s, was challenging. It took 10 years for Rob and Danny to perfect Biodynamics for the sub-tropical climate the Atherton Tablelands is famous for.

However as Rob says, ‘The difference in what we do, how we treat our soil and our animals, is evident in our products. You can taste it, and that’s why our customers are so loyal.’

Our farm has been worked using biodynamic principles since 1987 and we have been certified “A Grade Demeter Biodynamic” by the Biodynamic Research Institute since 2000.

The Soil

By focusing on creating soil that is rich in humus and high in biological activity, we build a strong foundation that grows nutrient rich pastures sustaining healthy animals who, in turn, produce food that nourishes and revitalizes us.

Special composted herbal preparations are used in homeopathic quantities to stimulate the biological processes in the soil to build up a top quality humus which holds air and water and is also the perfect plant food. Walking across a good biodynamic pasture has a soft springy texture, you can observe the diversity of grasses, legumes and herbs and the happy contented cows which gives our farmers the warm rush of a job well done.

The Preps

500 is one of two biodynamic preps used on the Mungalli farm. It is made from cow manure that has been buried under the soil during the winter months. By using 500 we focus on activating the soil and bringing it back to life.  500 stimulates soil microbial activity, especially beneficial bacteria, fungi and earthworms along with the production of humus. It stimulates seed germination and root development and it helps with the absorption and retention of water.