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Our farms are more than just cows and pasture. We have planted rainforest and created wetlands to cultivate a living farm organism.  Our farms are full of wallabies, cassowaries and a diverse bird population and even dingoes, exactly as a biodynamic farm should be.

Invest In Mungalli

Mungalli is looking to scale up it’s business with the help of it’s community! Invest in one of Australia’s leading Biodynamic dairies and help us build a more sustainable future. We are about to go through a growth spurt, which every parent knows, is never cheap. So, to fund further growth, we’ve been investigating equity crowdfunding. It’s a new way for companies to raise investment from the public. It allows business’s to bring their community on their journey of growth!

We love the idea of having our community behind us and Equity Crowdfunding allows that to happen! You don’t need a fistful of dollars to become an equity investor. Any Australian resident will be able to invest into our company and own shares from as little as $200. Follow the link below to learn more!

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What We Care About Most

Both Dan and I have families and we want to know that the only footprints we leave are the muddy ones of our children. 



Although we pioneered Biodynamic farming in our region there are now two other families on the Atherton tablelands who care about their soil and animals as much we do!

Like Organic farmers, we use no artificial fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones. Biodynamics however takes organic farming a step further. It focuses on the farm as a living ecosystem that is a part of the environment rather than separate from it. We look at soil health, vegetation and livestock health holistically and focus on enhancing soil fertility. Biodynamic practices and preparations breathe life, energy and strength into the land, which in turn produces food that is rich in nutrients.

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Our Animals

Mungalli 100 years ago was thick rainforest and we have consciously allowed 30% of our farms to revert back to forest. It means that our farms are more than just cows, chickens and pasture. You will often spot wallabies, cassowaries, platypus and a diverse bird population as well as dingoes and wild pigs.

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Our cafe is the original farm house that the Watson brothers grew up in and is situated in the heart of our farm. Our verandah over looks the Johnston River Gorge and world heritage rainforest. Behind that, Mt Bartle Frere, Queensland’s highest mountain, creates a dramatic backdrop for visitors. The production area adjoins the café, and strategically placed viewing windows allow guests a glimpse into our creative heart.

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How our dream evolved

Imagine a long-haired, bearded hippy, confused about his place in the world, knowing only his love of the land and dairy farming. Imagine this young man, with his head full of spirituality, crystals, and organic farming methods returning home onto the family farm and trying to farm conventionally like his parents and neighbours. Imagine

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

We’ve been throwing the words  “equity crowdfunding” around quite a bit recently. But if you are like us when we first heard the term, then you’re probably thinking, what does it actually mean? Equity crowdfunding is a new way for everyday humans to invest in a business or brand they love. It has been

Thank you for being awesome!

Yet again you have all proven how awesome you are!  It's humbling to see the support pour in as so many of you have expressed interest in 'Joining our Journey'.  We're so excited about what we can do and our future together! Equity crowd funding is a relatively new concept but we aren’t the first to go down this route. I wanted to personally share with you one of

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  • Our cream hits shelves this week! 🥳

You guys asked for it and we listened. Here's our 500ml pouring cream! 
The ingredients? Our Biodynamic cream and lactase - the enzyme that makes our cream lactose free! 
Look out for it on shelves today! 🤩
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  • OUR GREEK YOGHURT just got even bettter - as part of our commitment to producing the yummiest and healthiest products for you we have reduced our sugar and increased the protein content and upgraded our packaging - look out for it in stores this week!! #mungallicreekgreekyoghurt #lactosefree #biodynamicdairy #organicdairy
  • Farmer Alex surprised the girls with a visit while he's back on farm during Uni break. They were certainly happy to see him!
#happyreunion #welcomehomecommittee #hewasmissed #ourjerseygirls #biodynamicfarm #organicfarm #naturallyperfect
  • Farmer Robs' daughter got a new tattoo! 
Who thinks Rob should get a matching one? 😂
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  • Beautiful afternoon on farm
After lots of rain it’s great to see sunshine ☀️ and rainbows 🌈 - very happy cows and humans.

#potofgold #rainbows #biodynamic #feelinggood
  • The weather has been a bit wet but that did not dampen this little one’s spirit to enjoy some time with Mooriel who is all flowers and sunshine.