After careful consideration and research into the A2 claims, we decided not to become licensed with the A2 Corporation. The a2 Milk™ is a patented marketing brand and can only be used under license. However we continue to monitor new studies into A2 but at this stage there is insufficient scientific evidence to show any adverse health effects from consumption of milk with a predominance of A1 protein compared with A2. There is some evidence that homogenisation, not the milk protein, may potentially increase milk’s ability to cause sensitivities or allergic reactions. Recent research has shown no connection of dairy consumption with autism. Our milk will contain both A1 and A2 but due to our predominance of Brown Swiss, Jersey and Aussie Red cows, our milk is naturally higher in A2 protein. In the event that the A2 protein does prove to be beneficial, we have been working towards herds that have a prevalence of A2 protein. Although some farms use DNA testing to ensure all of their cows only produce A2 milk and cull those who do not conform, we tend to work with nature and choose the breeds that naturally have a stronger proportion of A2 beta casein protein.