There are three things that we care about most at Mungalli. That’s our land, because we want it to be here for our children. Our farmers, because we think it’s a noble profession and we don’t want to see it disappear, and finally and most importantly, our customers!

The Land:

We live in a pristine part of the world and we made a conscious choice farm Biodynamically.  We did this to regenerate the land, allow it to heal from past abuse and ensure its longevity for generations to come. We do this a number of ways. We don’t use salty fertilisers, poisons or GMO’s to enhance the fertility of the land; instead using rock dust, composted manure and our Biodynamic preparations to stimulate the soil.

We also want to regenerate the native forest that surrounds us so we aim for 20% to 30% of the farm to be set aside for regrowth, which encourages native birds and animals to return to the area.

Even the grass we plant helps the land. By planting diverse, deep-rooted perennial pastures we minimise erosion, promote biodiversity and provide our girls with salad bar pastures that act as both food and medicine.

We like to think that by farming Biodynamically we are rejuvenating the earth one farm at a time.

Our Farmers:

Our next big passion is our farmers who are integral to our business. It’s why we pay them between 30% and 50% more than other processors so that they can comfortably farm into the future. Cutthroat pricing from processors and supermarket chains can make farming a tenuous occupation. Farmers are always at the end of the line and can never increase their prices in line with increasing costs.

One of the biggest costs of farming Biodynamically is the initial set up. You need to first re-mineralise the land and establish those diverse perennial pastures we talked about earlier, not to mention the specialist equipment required to get the job done.  However, once a Biodynamic farm is set up, you don’t need to rely on short-term expensive inputs like soluble fertilisers poisons and annual seeds.  Biodynamic farms also aim to maintain a reserve of fodder in the form of hay and silage to get them through times of drought and shortage.

Our Customers:

Last but not least are our amazing customers. The health and vitality of our customers is of the greatest importance to us at Mungalli. From our farms we collect the highest quality milk without using poisons and chemicals. This pristine food is then processed as little as is legally permissible  and delivered to the shops as fresh as possible. Our products all have a short shelf life. Did you know that often the greater the shelf life the more it has been processed?

Our contented healthy cows who graze on diverse dynamic pastures, grown in enlivened soils give us our beautiful, natural milk.  Combined with minimal processing and no chemicals we believe this has to be good for you!  So please enjoy our products, just like our family does!