Vitality is our natural state of being! It’s where we feel alive, just bursting with enthusiasm and energy. Do you remember your boundless energy as a child?

If you were like me, you had so much energy that:

You would race round and round the lawn just to burn some up. So much so that your parents might even have had to calm you down as it was wearing them out just watching you.

Unfortunately this boundless energy gradually erodes away as we age. This process is sped up by eating poor quality food, toxins, stress and insufficient exercise. It feels like aging occurs one bad decision at a time.

There are a number of things we can do to slow down and overcome this gradual decline in vitality.

Exercise, managing stress and a positive mental attitude are all important. So is eating high quality foods that are free of toxins.

The Bio dynamic farming techniques we use at Mungalli supercharge the vitality of the farm. This vitality begins in the soil, and is taken up by plants which are eaten by the cattle and is reflected in our high quality milk and dairy products.

It is a very subtle process whereby the natural life forces are reintroduced and enhanced on the farm. Herbal preparations, in conjunction with good organic farming practices revitalises the farm so that it is essentially humming with life and so is the food produced.

After all you can’t grow nutrient dense food from nutrient deficient soil.

Unfortunately these natural life forces have been eroded away on most conventional farms through the use of synthetic fertilizers, excessive tillage, poisons, artificial hormones and the overuse use of antibiotics.

Again it’s a gradual process, nature is resilient. However the continuous push by the large supermarkets for cheaper and cheaper food has led to the breakdown of natural systems around the world. The land is being pushed beyond its natural limits and corners are cut so that the farmer can survive in an artificial global market.

Overcrowded feed lots and confinement operations where animals are kept completely out of their natural environment, lowers food quality as well as does over processing and artificial additives.

Here at Mungalli the vitality of the farm is enhanced by creating diverse pastures, keeping heritage breeds of cattle, and working within the laws of nature.

The Biodynamic preparations breathe life into the farm and by eating this minimally processed food you will feel a similar feeling of wellbeing. Of course, managing stress and exercise is important, because the very best food in an unbalanced environment is meaningless.

Remember Hippocrates said “let food be your medicine and medicine your food”