With our rebrand now rolling out across our range we wanted to share the process and inspiration behind our new look.

This rebrand is something I’ve pushed for since I started working for Dad 2 and a half years ago. We had two logo variations and a whole lot of different packaging styles! Dad had plans of expanding into SEQ and I thought to do that we really needed to smarten up.

But what I didn’t anticipate was the attachment to a logo that had symbolised my Dad and uncle’s dream since it’s inception over 20 years ago. That cow had been there since day dot, and Dad and Dan weren’t giving it up by hook or by crook! Here are some variations on the logo that we have had throughout the years – the original of which was designed by my Aunt Linda.

Linda designed our first logo in 1999, and straight away it was nicknamed “the buffalo”. Apparently it looks more like the water buffalo found on Mitch Humphries farm around the corner, than the dairy cows found on ours!

It’s one of the reasons I was so surprised at the push back against a rebrand. But Dad is a strong believer that it is the quality of the product that matters, not the packaging. Definitely true. But what would make someone pick up that product for the first time if not for the packaging?

As I said, this has been a lengthy debate! It’s been two years since we began this discussion with me harping in his ear quite a bit since then. Finally we met in the middle. We would rebrand our packaging around the existing logo!

We are lucky enough to have a few graphic designers in the family. Leanne is another Aunt with an incredible knack for design. She took on the task and probably regretted it instantly! We had no idea what direction to go in and too many opinions regardless! We went through a lot of options with both Dan and Dad adamant that the cow had to stay!

Up until the very end the buffalo was front and centre.  But it no longer fit the direction we were headed.

Always up for a challenge Dad’s partner Michelle suggested that we should push one last time for a new look on the cow. So in the final days, Leanne drew some rough sketches of different cows. Although Dad still loved his old faithful cow – the new one certainly worked better. With the rest of the team behind the decision we took a leap and fully rebranded.

The ‘flowers’ at the bottom of the design aren’t flowers, but the different types of grass you can find in our paddocks! Chicory, Setaria, Pinto peanut, Shaw creeping Vigna, Plantain and Rye grass are all different species of grass you can find in our salad bar pastures! Meanwhile the butterflies symbolise the healthy ecosystem you can find on our farm.

Next time you pick up a bottle of our milk or a tub of our yoghurt, have a closer look at the design and see if you can pick out the different types of grass that sit on our labels! Leanne is very detail orientated down to each seed on the grass stalks!

We think she did a terrific job and couldn’t be more proud! What do you think of our new look?