We have had a few comments about cream floating on top of our new Bliss range of flavoured milks. YUK, is there something wrong with it?

No, it has simply not been homogenised, a process whereby the milk is pumped through an aperture at enormous pressure that leads to a more even distribution of cream. We decided as an ethical food producer when we first started out; to never homogenise any of our products. Based on our research, it is one of the worst things you can do to milk. Milk fresh from the cow, particularly biodynamic milk, is one of nature’s most perfect foods.

Like most foods however, the more it’s processed the less its nutritional value. Our Bliss range of flavoured milks were designed to be great for gut health, they are non-homogenised, lactose-free and have added probiotics

Now how do you deal with this naturally occurring cream?

Perhaps you can drink it first as a special treat, pour it away if you want low fat or give it a really good shake to mix it throughout the milk.

It’s your choice!