Y et again you have all proven how awesome you are!  It’s humbling to see the support pour in as so many of you have expressed interest in joining our journey.  We’re so excited about what we can do and our future together!

Equity crowd funding is a relatively new concept but we aren’t the first to go down this route. I wanted to personally share with you one of the companies that got us excited about this opportunity.

The Food Connect Shed really piqued our interest from the get go.  The company is all about creating a world where everyone has access to healthy, fresh, ecologically grown food that is fair to growers, buyers and the planet.

That really resonated with us and it was fantastic to see a small company that had community at its heart, raise the money they needed in a way that corresponded with their values.

Before hearing about the Food Connect Shed we didn’t even known you could raise money like this. We loved the idea! It’s a way we can raise the capital we need and at the same time give our supporters a little piece of us in return. And the best bit is we are bringing our biggest advocates on board!

Food Connect said it perfectly,

“We have always been driven by our community. It’s only natural that we be owned by our community too!”

Food Connect smashed their goal and with you guys on board I know we can too. So keep thinking about what sort of perks you would like to see as a shareholder and what sort of achievements you would like to see from Mungalli.

Thank you, we are so excited that you are pledging your support and keen to join us on this journey.

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Farmer Rob, Dan and the Watson Family