We believe as the current caretakers of this beautiful land, we have a responsibility to leave it better than before, so that this pristine part of Queensland is here in all its beauty for future generations.

Sustainability at Mungalli

To Rob and Dan, sustainability and regeneration mean a lot of things. It means the sustainability of our land and farming methods, which is why we chose to farm biodynamically. Biodynamic farmers use no poisons, no fertilisers and certainly no pesticides. Instead they focus on maintaining a healthy and vital relationship between the soil, the animals, the environment and the people. It means our farm isn’t just cows and pasture but one big living organism. Where diverse pastures intermingle with ancient and replanted rainforest and wetlands, brimming with wildlife.

But to them sustainability also means the sustainability of our community and dairy farming as a profession! When Rob and Dan were kids there were thirty-two children hopping onto the school bus along our road, now there are a handful.

Our community, like many rural towns, has been decimated by economic rationalisation and deregulation of the dairy industry. Sustainability means paying farmers a fair price for their milk so that they can continue to farm in the area, farm sustainably and look after their land. It means creating jobs and opportunities so that young families can afford to stay in our local area. And it means creating food that grows sustainable bodies – you know, real food, the way it’s meant to be.

When we talk about sustainability at Mungalli, we focus on our whole business model – our environment, our community and our food!

We have regenerated and converted 30% of our farms back to native rainforest.

We use no chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or poisons which protects the land our waterways and your health!

Our Production Facility and Teahouse are run on solar power. We have over 400 solar panels on our roof!

We use Biodynamic Farming methods which are a regenerative method of farming. We leave the soil in better condition after it has been farmed than it was before!

Our Biodynamic soil is perfect for carbon storage which means we are removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere!

We support local Aussies farmers ensures that our farmers are paid a fair price for their milk so that they can farm sustainably and look after their land.

We believe employment is a stimulus to revitalise our local rural community. We create jobs and opportunities so that young families can afford to stay in the area!

Our farms are found in Queensland, which means you are buying local food with low food miles.

We produce real food with integrity, without all the nasties!