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We wanted to work on regenerating the land and leaving it in a better state for future generations. Mungalli is all about healthy vital soil, diverse pastures, happy cows, great tasting food and sustainability way into the future.



It all began almost 40 years ago when Rob and Danny Watson took over the family farm in the sub-tropical Atherton Tablelands. At the time it was a conventional farm, but as Rob said, he tried the fertilisers and poisons for awhile but it just didn’t fit.

Our bushy bearded farmers decided to try something knew, much to their fathers horror. No poison’s, no fertilisers and certainly no pesticides, everything was grown as nature intended it.

We can’t say it was an instant success but then perfection takes time, patience and tenacity. 20 years later and Mungalli Creek Dairy was certified A grade Demeter biodynamic.

Now the soil was rich and the herd were at their optimal health but our milk was still being mixed in with conventional milk.

When deregulation of the dairy industry occurred we saw it as an opportunity to take control of the quality of our milk and ensure it’s purity so that our bodies could be just as healthy as our herd and soil.

Since then our supporters have grown and our range of products have too. The Watson’s couldn’t be more proud.