We wanted to work on regenerating the land and leaving it in a better state for future generations. Mungalli is all about healthy vital soil, diverse pastures, happy cows, great tasting food and sustainability way into the future.


Our story starts with two brothers

Our story began over 30 years ago when Rob and Danny Watson took over the family farm. At the time the farm was conventionally managed, but as Rob says, he tried the fertilisers and poisons – it just didn’t feel right. Instead our farming brothers decided to try something new, much to their father’s horror.

No poisons, no fertilisers and certainly no pesticides. Just the best Organic farming practices so that everything grew as nature intended. But they still weren’t satisfied. They continued to search for the best way to farm sustainably. And then they came across Biodynamics.

Biodynamics focuses on maintaining a healthy and vital relationship between the soil, the animals, the environment and the people.It meant that the farm wasn’t just cows and pasture but one big living organism. It was as much a part of the natural environment as the world heritage listed rainforest that surrounded them. That sounded pretty good to Rob and Dan.

And it is here on this ecologically balanced farm, surrounded by ancient rainforest, that Rob and Dan continue to find innovative ways to create products that are not only tasty and nutritious but help regenerate the earth, one farm at a time.

Now we have two other families that are both as passionate about the earth and their animals as our family is. We all believe that as the current custodians of this beautiful land, we have a responsibility to leave it better than before, so that this pristine part of tropical Queensland is here in it all its beauty for future generations.

Rob’s children have taken a keen interest in Mungalli and Dan’s certainly love working on the farm – though they still have a bit of growing to do yet! Here’s our family working on the farm.
  • two sisters drinking milk
  • woman carefully holding chickens