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It is not only our farms that supply Mungalli Creek Dairy with biodynamic milk. There are two other families on the Atherton tablelands who care about their soil and animals as much we do!
our farm at sunset

The Home Farms

Our farms are found in the pristine, sub-tropical Atherton Tablelands. Surrounded by World Heritage rainforest our farms are more than just cows and pasture. We have planted trees and cultivated wetlands so that our farm is a living organism as much a part of the environment as the rainforest that surrounds us. Across our two farms you will find 320 happy Jersey, Swiss brown and Aussie Red cows. They live off a balanced diet of grass, herbs and weeds and even leaves off of trees to balance out their salad bar pastures. All three breeds produce milk that has a high butter fat, protein and calcium content. This makes the milk they produce rich, creamy and delicious.

Glenview farm at sunset

Glenview Farm

Glenview farm has been supplying Mungalli Creek Dairy with milk for over twelve years. Situated just outside of Malanda on the Atherton Tablelands, Glenview farm is spread across 121 hectares. In 2000 the family converted 5% of their farm back to rainforest. They focused the tree planting along the Johnstone River, which borders their beautiful farm. Glen Drury, his wife Anne, and their daughter Kathryn have 137 Aussie red cows, famous for their high protein and composition yields. They are as obsessed with their soil and pastures as the Watson family.  Glenview farm pastures are full of chicory, clover, pinto peanut, vetch, vigna, rye grass, and radish to supplement their salad bar pastures.

fog and forest farm

Forest and Fog Farm

The Forest and Fog farm, run by Bill and Kelly Hamilton, is aptly named. Surrounded by World Heritage Rainforest, the farm can go from clear skies to fog shrouded in minutes. It is here, on lush biodynamics pastures that you will find 170 happy Jersey and Swiss Brown cows, chosen for the high butterfat content in their milk. Kelly and Bill have been dairy farmers for almost 30 years and have supplied Mungalli with milk since 2004.