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Our farms are more than just cows and pasture. We have trees and wetlands and wildlife, wallabies, cassowaries and a diverse bird population as well as dingoes and wild pigs.
Rob Watson


Mungalli 100 years ago was thick rainforest. We have consciously allowed 30% of our farms to revert back to forest. We have planted and fenced off creeks, steep and rock areas and wetlands to create a living farm organism which is an ideal on Biodynamic farms. It means that our farms are more than just cows, chickens and pasture. You will often spot wallabies, cassowaries, platypus and a diverse bird population as well as dingoes and wild pigs.

cute cows leaning in

Our Cows

Our contented cows are a mixed herd of Jersey, Swiss Brown and Aussie Red cows. They have a balanced diet of grass, herbs and weeds and even leaves off of trees to balance out their salad bar pastures. All three breeds produce milk that has a high butter fat, protein and calcium content, making the milk they produce rich, creamy and delicious.

pastured chickens eating grass

Our Chickens

The quality and richness of our eggs lies in our contented hens, foraging daily in our lush biodynamic pastures.They are free to scratch, peck and explore their way across our paddocks from dawn till dusk.