Is Dairy Farmers Australian Owned? It’s a question that has been on everyone’s lips as more and more people decide to support local. Supporting local means not only are we supporting our national economy, but also others in our community, and we are the first to admit that feels pretty damn good. We are reconnecting with others around us and if there was any silver lining in Covid it would be this.

So is Dairy Farmers an Aussie owned company?

We wonder if there’s a better question worth asking.

How about:

‘Is the milk company I am supporting paying their farmers a liveable and sustainable wage so that Aussie Dairy farmers can continue to look after the land?’

You don’t need to know the dollar value of how much most processors are paying their farmers to answer this question. Just look at how many Dairy farmers are left in Queensland compared to 20 years ago – less than 300 farms compared to 1500 in 2000.

The trend has been set as dairy farmers leave the industry in droves. Those farmers that are left are aging, with their children showing no interest in taking over the family farm. And why would they? It’s back breaking work, seven days a week for very little reward. Most dairy farmers are up to their neck in debt – something only selling the farm will save them from. No wonder so many are jumping ship.

Dad and Dan remember a time when our small town was a bustling community with a cheese factory and railroad. 32 kids used to hop on the bus along our road to go to school, today there are but a handful.

We desperately want to support other dairy farmers in the area and revive our once bustling community.

We are big advocates for well-paid farmers who care for their land. We want farmers who care about the soil beneath their feet. We want dairy farmers who will teach their kids this passion for the land. And we want to pay them so well that they would be fools to walk away from it all.

And the news seems to be spreading. We now support 9 of the remaining 44 dairy farms in our local area.

And you know what? We reckon we are going to continue to grow. Because we have amazing customers who understand just how important it is to support the remaining dairy farms in Queensland.

So next time you pick up a bottle of milk, instead of asking yourself if this is a true blue Aussie product, we recommend you ask yourself, is this a brand that supports Aussie farming families by paying them a fair wage for the hard yards they put into tending the land. Because that’s what we think really matters right now.