What sets us apart? I have been pondering this for a long time and there are so many things that create that difference but they can all be traced back to our core purpose or reason for being. We asked ourselves. Why do we exist? After a long discussion we decided it revolves around sustainability and love or perhaps “loving sustainability” sounds better.  Sounds a bit airy fairy doesn’t it, let me explain.

By love we don’t mean a selfish personal ownership but rather a oneness with everything around us. To put it another if you feel a deep affection for your land, your cows, your community and your customers, it becomes much more than a money making business, it becomes dynamic and fun.

If you are one with your land or your community how could you possibly poison it or watch it erode away. Hopefully you wouldn’t consciously poison yourself!!

Sustainability in our eyes is more than simply maintaining what you have, rather it is constantly improving into the future with minimal harm in any way. By thinking 50 or 100 years into the future, we are building something that is continuously getting better and that hopefully future generations will have us to thank for it.

In todays agriculture, there are too many short term decisions being made as farmers simply try to survive in a difficult economic climate. The continuous push for cheaper and cheaper food by the supermarkets and consumers leads to more intensive farming, more fertilisers, more poisons, higher stocking rates, genetic modification, more debt and more suicide.

As the fertility of the soil and the soil itself is stripped away, who pays for this?

It’s not cheap food, it’s simply mining an irreplaceable asset so that supermarket chains can get some market share. Will future generations thank us for that?

The words ‘Loving sustainability’ have no context by themselves, however as the core purpose of our business they determine how we relate to everyone and everything around us.

They pertain to health i.e the health of the land and stock and food and customers.

They pertain to our biodynamic farming practices that enhance the vitality of the farm into the future without degrading the land or environment

They pertain to supporting our local community and helping it regrow

They pertain to our family and our relationship with your family.

They pertain to our energy usage

They pertain to work-life balance, to profitability and the development of a wonderful company culture .

Our purpose influences every choice we make, we are far from perfect at the moment but we are definitely working to get better.