Would you like access to our full range of yoghurts, cheeses, and creams and never miss out? What about having access to a wide range of organic lines at a competitive price.

Would you like to trial new products and have access to specialty lines when they are available like our butter? Well we have an opportunity for you – who’s heard of Buying Groups?

What are Buying Groups:

Buyers groups are a group of people who normally live within close proximity to each other, who come together to pool their resources and buy food in bulk, direct from the seller. Buying groups bring together like minded people and this can really help create a sense of community and also reduce food miles and excess packaging.

Depending on the size and nature of the group, food may be delivered to someone’s house or a community hub (hall, school, childcare centre) for collection by other members. Since our products are perishable you’d need to have access to a fridge as well!

How can I start a buyers group:

The first step in starting a buying group is to find other like-minded people. You might have 5 – 10 people who want to help you start the group, and know a few more who want to purchase regularly. You’ve got a clean, dry, open space where people can meet and where deliveries can be dropped off.

Many groups meet on a weekly basis, but some are once a fortnight or once a month. It really depends on what works for everyone in the group, and also on what you’re buying together.

The resounding feedback from Buying Groups is that their success often depends on a couple of ‘champions’ who take on a lot of the administration, coordination and recruitment. Like any group or collective, a Buying Group also needs a leader or two.

The most important thing that makes a buyers group successful is having members that are committed to the group and buy on a regular basis. There always needs to be a few people who are happy to put in an extra bit of time and energy, but as long as everyone contributes some of their time, things should run pretty smoothly.

How this could help Local Communities initiatives:

This opportunity could also help those who are part of a P&C or Fundraiser body. You could buy our products at wholesale and then on sell those products to supporters at full retail price to raise funds.

We love our stockists but we also understand that buying our products at full retail price can be expensive! We do not make cheap products and are not willing to take short cuts to create cheap products.

This is our alternative for those shoppers who have high food awareness and care about where their food comes from but might not have the funds to always buy our stuff.

What are your thoughts? How many of you would be interested in forming buying groups to buy from us direct? Would there be demand for a service like this?

Undecided but interested? Why not read more about it! The bulk buying community in Brisbane have put together a general information form that might help new groups get started. This information has been collated over the last few years as new groups have been created and people experiment with different ways to run them.

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