How did you get into dairying? Were you born into it?

I bought the farm from my Uncle in Jan 1999. I wasn’t a farm kid though I did spend holidays on this very farm as well as my grandparent’s dairy farm so I wasn’t a novice.

What’s the best part of being a Dairy Farmer?

It’s never boring and I get to spend a great deal of my life outdoors. My desk is the seat of a tractor or ATV and there’s always something to do whether it be check on a cow, a pasture, a calf or a fence. I like the stillness of the mornings.

What time do you get up in the morning?

4:30am in winter and 4:00am in summer. It’s my favourite part of the day though it gets a little chilly just before the sun comes up!

Do you have a favourite cow?

I like most of my cows most of the time though some of them are a bit naughty!

Glenview has a pure Aussie Red herd. What’s so different about Aussie Reds and why did you decide on this particular breed?

They’re a good, all round solid cow with a good temperament. They were bred in Scandinavia for health traits.  They’re not as big as Holsteins and not as cheeky as Jerseys. They’re also pretty healthy and robust.

Have you got a funny story to share?

I once had to dive head first under an electric fence because a bull decided I was getting too close to his girls. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t have been raining for the two weeks prior. Head first into mud and cow poo is not the most pleasant start to the day.

Tell us something about cows we probably don’t know.

They know their names though they don’t always come when called.  It really depends what you want them for and whether or not there’s food involved.