How did you get into dairying?

I married a dairy farmer!

Why Biodynamics?

There were things about conventional farming that saddened me. As well as working on the farm, I was working in a News agency and was reading a lot of gardening magazines about Biodynamics. It just made sense to me. I was just surprised that I managed to convince Bill too!

What’s been your biggest challenge?

First going to biodynamic’s. Now it’s a breeze but to begin with the land was addicted to fertilisers. It was pumped full of chemicals and didn’t know how to grow naturally.

Do you have a favourite cow?

All of our cows are really friendly but I must admit I do have a favourite! Her name is Ms. Friendly. She is always checking in on me and making sure I’m okay.

Have you got a funny story to share?

Oh gosh, now you’ve made me think!

Tell us something about cows we probably don’t know!

Cows always know when someone new is miking them and they will projectile poo everywhere! But at least when cows poo on you, you know it’s only grass.