Biodynamic Products

Which cultures do you use in your products?

By Cat Quinzi|2018-10-04T00:04:50+00:004th August 2018|

Our yoghurts are produced using Lactic acid cultures. Our Natural Set yoghurts are made using Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus bifidus cultures along with other bacteria. To get these we use a mix of two starters (ABT-5 & YC-180). We make our Greek yoghurts using Lactobacillus delbrueckii (culture YFL-812). The correct balance of these bacteria is necessary

Do you use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives?

By Cat Quinzi|2018-08-09T06:13:09+00:004th August 2018|

We produce fresh, natural products which are free from, artificial colours, flavours or thickeners in our milk, yoghurts or cheeses. Our milk isn't homogenised or standardised as well and we certainly use no preservatives!

Do you offer lactose free options?

By Cat Quinzi|2023-04-13T04:27:41+00:004th August 2018|

We have an entire range of Greek style Yoghurts that are lactose free. Our Greek Style yoghurt comes in Natural and three decadent flavours: Organic Mango, Organic Berry and Organic Strawberries. We also have a whole lactose free ice-cream range (Broken Nose Vanilla, Espresso Coffee, Belgian Chocolate, Mango Sherbet, Banana Choc-chip, Mint Choc-chip) and

Are your products Gluten free?

By Cat Quinzi|2018-08-09T06:13:36+00:004th August 2018|

All of our products are naturally gluten free. We endeavour to produce fresh, natural products and use no thickeners or artificial flavours in our milk, yoghurts or cheeses. Our milk isn't homogenised or standardised as well.

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