The Future of Dairy Farmers in Queensland

By Robert Watson|2019-11-08T01:58:42+00:008th November 2019|

Will there be any dairy farmers left in Queensland in 10 years time? It’s a question we ponder as we milk our own cows. As retailers use milk as a loss leader to get people into store, farmers costs’ increase and the weather continues to change, the dairy industry is fast disappearing in

What is Biodynamics?

By Beth Watson|2019-10-30T05:47:22+00:0030th October 2019|

I often find myself struggling with the concept of Biodynamics. I want a solid definition that I can grasp with both hands. How exactly does it work? Planting with the moon cycle, burying cow horns, and homeopathy via against the part of me that went through the education system that needs scientific evidence to

How our dream evolved

By Robert Watson|2019-10-18T03:37:00+00:0023rd April 2019|

Imagine a long-haired, bearded hippy, confused about his place in the world, knowing only his love of the land and dairy farming. Imagine this young man, with his head full of spirituality, crystals, and organic farming methods returning home onto the family farm and trying to farm conventionally like his

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

By Beth Watson|2019-10-18T03:37:15+00:0026th March 2019|

We’ve been throwing the words  “equity crowdfunding” around quite a bit recently. But if you are like us when we first heard the term, then you’re probably thinking, what does it actually mean? Equity crowdfunding is a new way for everyday humans to invest in a business or brand

Converting to Biodynamics

By Robert Watson|2019-10-18T03:38:00+00:0015th January 2019|

We have now been practising biodynamics for 33 years. While we can now convert a farm over in 3 years, this has not always been the case. When we first converted over the home farm it took us ten years before we were happy with the results. For the first five years we

Times are Changing

By Robert Watson|2019-10-18T03:38:46+00:0019th December 2018|

When I was a kid, our local town of Millaa Millaa was a thriving community.  It had a cheese factory, a sawmill and heaps of dairy farms. It also had a lot of young hard-working farming families.  On our road alone there were 32 children who hopped onto the bus to go to

What We Care About Most

By Beth Watson|2018-11-13T01:42:24+00:0030th September 2018|

There are three things that we care about most at Mungalli. That’s our land, because we want it to be here for our children. Our farmers, because we think it’s a noble profession and we don’t want to see it disappear, and finally and most importantly, our customers! The Land: We live in

Loving sustainability on the farm

By Robert Watson|2018-12-20T06:26:35+00:0021st July 2018|

What is Mungalli Creek Dairy doing to continuously improve our farm so future generations have a living vibrant productive farm, not a burnt out husk reliant on expensive ag. chemicals to stay afloat? Primarily we are using biodynamic farming methods that build a healthy living well-structured soil, diverse productive pastures and healthy stock.

Is Milk a Superfood or Unhealthy Allergen

By Robert Watson|2018-12-14T06:21:22+00:0017th July 2018|

I believe that it can be either, depending to a large extent on how it is produced, how it is processed and by whom it is consumed. Admittedly, not everyone can tolerate milk. I personally do not do well with lactose and so the only dairy I consume are butter, cheese and lactose