I scream for ice-cream

By Robert Watson|2020-01-29T06:42:37+00:0029th January 2020|

We’ve been having a heap of fun making ice-cream in our brand new Emery Thompson churn. The whole team have been involved in this project which has made it even more enjoyable. Tom who usually specialises in tractor driving loves his ice cream and started doing trials months ago. Being an ex-banana farmer

A tough decision on our Bio-eggs

By Robert Watson|2020-05-06T00:01:49+00:0016th December 2019|

Over the last few months, our hens have been at the forefront of our minds. As most of you know we are situated in the Wet Tropics of North Queensland just outside of a town called Millaa Millaa, which gets around 3500 mm of rain a year, and about 80 days of sunshine. This

A dairy farmer who’s Lactose Intolerant

By Robert Watson|2020-04-30T05:43:02+00:0019th November 2019|

Our family have been dairy farmers for generations. Three generations have farmed on our Millaa Millaa property and a few years ago we travelled to Cumbria in the north of England to visit the family dairy farm that had been farmed by Watsons for hundreds of years! So you would expect I would love

Is your yoghurt Alive?

By Robert Watson|2020-04-30T05:56:24+00:0020th October 2019|

Freshly made yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha are all great sources of beneficial microbes. The latest findings in science show that it is integral to include these foods in our diet. A healthy gut flora affects everything from our mental well being to our immune system. But because these products are alive they

The story behind our Kefir

By Beth Watson|2020-05-06T01:41:18+00:0016th November 2018|

We have long held the tradition of making kefir at home for our family. Dad (Farmer Rob) strongly believes in the benefit of fermented foods. They are chock full of good bugs and I remember growing up on sauerkraut, fermented grain drinks and of course, our own homemade kefir. For the longest time,

The Cream Lumps in Our BLISS

By Beth Watson|2020-05-06T01:39:02+00:0011th September 2018|

We have had a few comments about cream floating on top of our new Bliss range of flavoured milks. YUK, is there something wrong with it? No, it has simply not been homogenised, a process whereby the milk is pumped through an aperture at enormous pressure that leads to a more even distribution

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