I scream for ice-cream

By Robert Watson|2020-01-29T06:42:37+00:0029th January 2020|

We’ve been having a heap of fun making ice-cream in our brand new Emery Thompson churn. The whole team have been involved in this project which has made it even more enjoyable. Tom who usually specialises in tractor driving loves his ice cream and started doing trials months ago. Being an ex-banana farmer

A tough decision on our Bio-eggs

By Robert Watson|2020-05-06T00:01:49+00:0016th December 2019|

Over the last few months, our hens have been at the forefront of our minds. As most of you know we are situated in the Wet Tropics of North Queensland just outside of a town called Millaa Millaa, which gets around 3500 mm of rain a year, and about 80 days of sunshine. This

How our dream evolved

By Robert Watson|2020-05-05T23:57:56+00:0023rd April 2019|

I magine a long-haired, bearded hippy, confused about his place in the world, knowing only his love of the land and dairy farming.Imagine this young man, with his head full of spirituality, crystals, and organic farming methods returning home onto the family farm and trying to farm conventionally like his parents and neighbours.Imagine him sitting

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

By Beth Watson|2020-05-06T04:46:32+00:0026th March 2019|

W e’ve been throwing the words equity crowdfunding around quite a bit recently. But if you are like us when we first heard the term, then you’re probably thinking, what does it actually mean? Equity crowdfunding is a new way for everyday humans to invest in a business or brand they love. It has

Thank you for being awesome!

By Robert Watson|2020-05-05T23:57:33+00:0015th February 2019|

Y et again you have all proven how awesome you are!  It's humbling to see the support pour in as so many of you have expressed interest in joining our journey.  We're so excited about what we can do and our future together!Equity crowd funding is a relatively new concept but we aren’t the first to go

Out with the Old and in with the New

By Robert Watson|2018-11-13T01:35:56+00:0031st October 2018|

It was with great sadness that my brother, Dan and I watched the old milking shed or “The Bails” as it was called, be knocked down to make room for the new Processing facility. However as Dan aptly said, it was better to pull it down now, rather than wait for the next

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