Owning Our Food Future

By Robert Watson|2020-05-06T01:36:06+00:0023rd April 2020|

One of our recent posts generated a very strong discussion on foreign ownership of Dairy Processors in Australia. It is good to see that there are many sides to this topic and the passion that people are feeling about keeping local diary and Australian ownership. I would like to share our own story,

Converting to Biodynamics

By Robert Watson|2020-05-07T06:14:06+00:0015th January 2019|

Converting to biodynamics happened on our farm over 30 years ago. While we can now convert a farm over in 3 years, this has not always been the case. When we first converted over the home farm it took us ten years before we were happy with the results. In the first five

The story behind our Kefir

By Cat Quinzi|2020-05-06T01:41:18+00:0016th November 2018|

We have long held the tradition of making kefir at home for our family. Dad (Farmer Rob) strongly believes in the benefit of fermented foods. They are chock full of good bugs and I remember growing up on sauerkraut, fermented grain drinks and of course, our own homemade kefir. For the longest time,

Out with the Old and in with the New

By Robert Watson|2018-11-13T01:35:56+00:0031st October 2018|

It was with great sadness that my brother, Dan and I watched the old milking shed or “The Bails” as it was called, be knocked down to make room for the new Processing facility. However as Dan aptly said, it was better to pull it down now, rather than wait for the next

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