Ah butter!

By Robert Watson|2022-04-07T06:03:07+00:007th April 2022|

My favourite food group. How do you have yours? Slathered onto bread. ( In our house the rule is butter thicker than bread) Drizzled over lightly steamed veges? A big chunk on your steak? To gently fry your eggs. In cooking? Perhaps whizzed up in your coffee. We recently tried a burnt butter

Are humans meant to drink milk?

By Robert Watson|2022-02-03T00:59:37+00:003rd February 2022|

Are we meant to consume milk past childhood? No other mammal does such a thing, and they certainly don’t drink the milk of other animals. It’s unheard of. However using the same argument, what other animals wear clothes, cook their food or drive cars? Humans are unique in so many ways. We utilize

Does almond milk make your boobs grow?

By Beth Watson|2020-08-07T05:47:47+00:007th August 2020|

Does almond milk make your boobs grow bigger? It's a question that has been trending on google for the last few weeks and websites certainly exist that tout the benefit of almond milk for breast enlargement. We aren't doctors but if the ingredient list is anything to go by we'd have to say no.

The Story Behind Our Rebrand

By Beth Watson|2020-06-26T06:43:16+00:0026th June 2020|

With our rebrand now rolling out across our range we wanted to share the process and inspiration behind our new look. This rebrand is something I’ve pushed for since I started working for Dad 2 and a half years ago. We had two logo variations and a whole lot of different packaging styles! Dad

Temporary escape from Lockdown

By Beth Watson|2020-06-12T05:09:11+00:0012th June 2020|

AHH I am sick of lockdown and being stuck in the house. Come for a walk with me. Let’s go outside, away from the neatly manicured lawns, fruit trees and garden beds and instead venture into the rainforest that stretches away for miles behind the house. Let’s sit down and enjoy the peace

We’re changing our 2L Milk. Here’s why

By Robert Watson|2020-05-08T07:32:11+00:008th May 2020|

As farmers ourselves, we know the hardships that farmers face and we know they deserve a higher price per litre for the milk they produce. That’s why we’ve put our business under the microscope to identify ways we can save money and pay our farmers more! One way we have identified to save

Change the future of food

By Robert Watson|2020-05-01T07:12:03+00:001st May 2020|

Who in reality has the power to change the future of food and how it is produced? Is it the chemical company, the farm advisor, the farmer, the supermarket or you, the consumer? I would argue that it is you the consumer, with your purchasing power, who controls how our food is produced. If

Regenerating Soil to Fight Climate Change

By Beth Watson|2020-05-06T04:45:19+00:0020th February 2020|

Did you know that after the ocean, soil is the biggest carbon sink on the planet? In school we learn that trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide and release the oxygen that we then breathe. But have you ever given much thought to what happens to the carbon after it has been absorbed?

Is chemical farming destroying the environment

By Robert Watson|2020-01-23T04:10:12+00:0022nd January 2020|

Here at Mungalli, we grow diverse, productive pastures from well balanced soils and the Biodynamic preparations that naturally enhance the fertility of our soil. The biodynamic preps are used in minute quantities and inoculate the soil with a culture that leads to top quality humus production. This hummus  stores nutrients and water in

A dairy farmer who’s Lactose Intolerant

By Robert Watson|2020-04-30T05:43:02+00:0019th November 2019|

Our family have been dairy farmers for generations. Three generations have farmed on our Millaa Millaa property and a few years ago we travelled to Cumbria in the north of England to visit the family dairy farm that had been farmed by Watsons for hundreds of years! So you would expect I would love

What is Biodynamics?

By Beth Watson|2020-05-07T06:04:22+00:0030th October 2019|

I often find myself struggling with the concept of Biodynamics. I want a solid definition that I can grasp with both hands. How exactly does it work? Planting with the moon cycle, burying cow horns, and homeopathy via against the part of me that went through the education system that needs scientific evidence to

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