Ah butter!

By Robert Watson|2022-04-07T06:03:07+00:007th April 2022|

My favourite food group. How do you have yours? Slathered onto bread. ( In our house the rule is butter thicker than bread) Drizzled over lightly steamed veges? A big chunk on your steak? To gently fry your eggs. In cooking? Perhaps whizzed up in your coffee. We recently tried a burnt butter

Does almond milk make your boobs grow?

By Beth Watson|2020-08-07T05:47:47+00:007th August 2020|

Does almond milk make your boobs grow bigger? It's a question that has been trending on google for the last few weeks and websites certainly exist that tout the benefit of almond milk for breast enlargement. We aren't doctors but if the ingredient list is anything to go by we'd have to say no.

Is chemical farming destroying the environment

By Robert Watson|2020-01-23T04:10:12+00:0022nd January 2020|

Here at Mungalli, we grow diverse, productive pastures from well balanced soils and the Biodynamic preparations that naturally enhance the fertility of our soil. The biodynamic preps are used in minute quantities and inoculate the soil with a culture that leads to top quality humus production. This hummus  stores nutrients and water in

A dairy farmer who’s Lactose Intolerant

By Robert Watson|2020-04-30T05:43:02+00:0019th November 2019|

Our family have been dairy farmers for generations. Three generations have farmed on our Millaa Millaa property and a few years ago we travelled to Cumbria in the north of England to visit the family dairy farm that had been farmed by Watsons for hundreds of years! So you would expect I would love

The Future of Dairy Farmers in Queensland

By Robert Watson|2020-05-06T01:41:39+00:008th November 2019|

Will there be any dairy farmers left in Queensland in 10 years time? It’s a question we ponder as we milk our own cows. As retailers use milk as a loss leader to get people into store, farmers costs’ increase and the weather continues to change, the dairy industry is fast disappearing in

Is your yoghurt Alive?

By Robert Watson|2020-04-30T05:56:24+00:0020th October 2019|

Freshly made yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha are all great sources of beneficial microbes. The latest findings in science show that it is integral to include these foods in our diet. A healthy gut flora affects everything from our mental well being to our immune system. But because these products are alive they

Times are Changing

By Robert Watson|2019-10-18T03:38:46+00:0019th December 2018|

When I was a kid, our local town of Millaa Millaa was a thriving community.  It had a cheese factory, a sawmill and heaps of dairy farms. It also had a lot of young hard-working farming families.  On our road alone there were 32 children who hopped onto the bus to go to

Loving sustainability on the farm

By Robert Watson|2020-04-23T22:47:43+00:0021st July 2018|

What is Mungalli Creek Dairy doing to continuously improve our farm so future generations have a living vibrant productive farm, not a burnt out husk reliant on expensive ag. chemicals to stay afloat? Primarily we are using biodynamic farming methods that build a healthy living well-structured soil, diverse productive pastures and healthy stock.

Is Milk a Superfood or Unhealthy Allergen

By Robert Watson|2020-04-23T22:45:13+00:0017th July 2018|

I believe that it can be either, depending to a large extent on how it is produced, how it is processed and by whom it is consumed. Admittedly, not everyone can tolerate milk. I personally do not do well with lactose and so the only dairy I consume are butter, cheese and lactose

Enjoying your work

By Robert Watson|2020-04-23T22:43:53+00:007th July 2018|

Over the past few years I have made it a point to ask people whether they enjoy their work and I am often amazed at their responses. Some people love their work even with antisocial hours, less than ideal working conditions and average pay, whereas others who work office hours, have great conditions

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