Dairy Farmers

Are humans meant to drink milk?

By Robert Watson|2022-02-03T00:59:37+00:003rd February 2022|

Are we meant to consume milk past childhood? No other mammal does such a thing, and they certainly don’t drink the milk of other animals. It’s unheard of. However using the same argument, what other animals wear clothes, cook their food or drive cars? Humans are unique in so many ways. We utilize

The Vitality in Food

By BethW|2021-06-25T06:00:38+00:0025th June 2021|

Vitality is our natural state of being! It’s where we feel alive, just bursting with enthusiasm and energy. Do you remember your boundless energy as a child? If you were like me, you had so much energy that: You would race round and round the lawn just to burn some up. So much

Is Dairy Farmers Australian Owned?

By BethW|2020-08-26T04:02:34+00:0026th August 2020|

Is Dairy Farmers Australian Owned? It’s a question that has been on everyone’s lips as more and more people decide to support local. Supporting local means not only are we supporting our national economy, but also others in our community, and we are the first to admit that feels pretty damn good. We

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