What is the Difference between Mungalli Biodynamic Milk and Conventional Local Milk

By Cat Quinzi|2023-04-27T23:33:25+00:0026th April 2023|

Milk is milk right? Or is there a huge difference? First of all the similarities. Both milks are produced on the pristine Atherton Tablelands by hard working family farms. The rich red soils and elevated tropical pastures are ideal for dairying. The high rainfall and cool temperatures produce lush pastures in an environment in

Is Our Food Poisoning Us

By Cat Quinzi|2023-04-21T03:18:56+00:0021st April 2023|

All around us our friends, our neighbours and even our environment are getting sicker and more unhealthy. Often with diseases which were previously uncommon or even unknown. 1 in 5 children are now obese. Cancer is on the increase Autism is 140 times more prevalent than it was 60 years ago. Leaky gut, food

Food Production and Global Warming

By Cat Quinzi|2023-03-23T00:49:07+00:0022nd March 2023|

In a world of cheap fossil fuels, often more energy is used to grow, transport and process our food than is actually in the food we consume. How is this so? Is it always the case? On our Biodynamic farms all of the energy that is required to grow our pastures comes from the

Money VS Health

By Cat Quinzi|2023-03-10T03:46:37+00:0010th March 2023|

When I was a  kid none of my class mates or anyone I knew had Autism, Crohn's, Allergies or any other chronic diseases. Very few of my classmates were overweight, we got mumps and measles as short lived childhood diseases and we all seemed oh so healthy. Boy how this has changed

Ah butter!

By Robert Watson|2022-04-07T06:03:07+00:007th April 2022|

My favourite food group. How do you have yours? Slathered onto bread. ( In our house the rule is butter thicker than bread) Drizzled over lightly steamed veges? A big chunk on your steak? To gently fry your eggs. In cooking? Perhaps whizzed up in your coffee. We recently tried a burnt butter

Does almond milk make your boobs grow?

By Cat Quinzi|2020-08-07T05:47:47+00:007th August 2020|

Does almond milk make your boobs grow bigger? It's a question that has been trending on google for the last few weeks and websites certainly exist that tout the benefit of almond milk for breast enlargement. We aren't doctors but if the ingredient list is anything to go by we'd have to say no.

The Story Behind Our Rebrand

By Cat Quinzi|2020-06-26T06:43:16+00:0026th June 2020|

With our rebrand now rolling out across our range we wanted to share the process and inspiration behind our new look. This rebrand is something I’ve pushed for since I started working for Dad 2 and a half years ago. We had two logo variations and a whole lot of different packaging styles! Dad

Temporary escape from Lockdown

By Cat Quinzi|2020-06-12T05:09:11+00:0012th June 2020|

AHH I am sick of lockdown and being stuck in the house. Come for a walk with me. Let’s go outside, away from the neatly manicured lawns, fruit trees and garden beds and instead venture into the rainforest that stretches away for miles behind the house. Let’s sit down and enjoy the peace

We’re changing our 2L Milk. Here’s why

By Robert Watson|2020-05-08T07:32:11+00:008th May 2020|

As farmers ourselves, we know the hardships that farmers face and we know they deserve a higher price per litre for the milk they produce. That’s why we’ve put our business under the microscope to identify ways we can save money and pay our farmers more! One way we have identified to save

Change the future of food

By Robert Watson|2020-05-01T07:12:03+00:001st May 2020|

Who in reality has the power to change the future of food and how it is produced? Is it the chemical company, the farm advisor, the farmer, the supermarket or you, the consumer? I would argue that it is you the consumer, with your purchasing power, who controls how our food is produced. If

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