What sort of world do we want our kids to live in?

Who else thinks about this?

Individually we seem quite powerless in influencing the world we live in.

Large multinational companies, big pharmaceuticals, uncaring governments and agribusiness all seem to be able to do what they want to the detriment of the environment and our health.

Our children are about to inherit a polluted, poisoned husk of a planet filled with plastic waste, a toxic cocktail of chemical residues, minimal diversity and denuded farmland.

In just a few short generations farmland all across the world has lost its natural fertility, organic carbon and vital topsoil. We till the land, use synthetic fertilisers and poisons, and plant GMO crops which are wringing the last few drops of fertility from our previously healthy soil.

This has all occurred in the name of efficiency, cheap prices for consumers and marketing games played by supermarket chains.

Of course no one can be blamed, supermarket chains have had to please their shareholders, farmers have adapted to low prices by utilising technology like Ag. chemicals and GMO’s, and consumers have enjoyed low prices and plentiful food.

Economically we are all winners.

But the costs to the environment, our health and future generations also has to be factored into the equation.

What can we as consumers do about this?

Voting at the ballot box gives you two or perhaps three choices but the political parties have their own agendas. These have been purchased or influenced by multinationals, donations and lobby groups.


You can vote with your dollars and support brands and companies that are creating a world that you want your children to live in.

Regenerative agriculture, minimal processing, recyclable packaging and renewable energy are the things I look for when spending my dollars, what do you look for?