My favourite food group.

How do you have yours?

Slathered onto bread. ( In our house the rule is butter thicker than bread)

Drizzled over lightly steamed veges?

A big chunk on your steak?

To gently fry your eggs.

In cooking?

Perhaps whizzed up in your coffee.

We recently tried a burnt butter and macadamia ice cream, it was great.

It’s such a healthy and versatile product how couldn’t you love it?

Man-made  margarine  requires heat and pressure to hydrogenize the unhealthy seed oils into a solid fat that then requires emulsifiers, flavours and colours to make it taste good. It is a lengthy industrial process.

Mungalli butter in comparison is made with our Biodynamic fresh cream from 100% grass fed cows.

The cream is first churned into whipped cream and then at a seemingly magic moment this cream breaks into golden butter crystals floating in a sea of butter milk.

The buttermilk is drained off, the butter crystals are rinsed with water, salt is added and voila you have butter.

Our beautiful cows graze all day on our biodynamic mountain pastures, which ensures a high carotene content, shown by the beautiful rich golden colour of our butter.

Did you know that, Beta-carotene is mostly found in butter, and is an important nutrient required for healthy vision, and gives protection to eyes. It also lowers the risk of macular degeneration.

For all those worried about the fat content in butter, it is a good cholesterol that also contains important omega 3-fatty acids which lower the level of omega-6 fatty acides and thereby reduces the risk of heart disease.

Coming from grass fed cows it is also high in Conjugated Linoleoc Acid (CLA). CLA can help in reducing total body fat content and can, therefore, lower the risk of obesity.

We all want to stay active with healthy bones and butter also helps by providing calcium and other minerals such as copper, zinc, selenium, and manganese. These elements are important in building and maintaining bone strength, and aid in bone repair and growth.

Grass fed butter is also high in vitamin A, and the consumption of grass fed butter in adequate quantity may help alleviate thyroid problems. The thyroid gland is a crucial link in the metabolism of vitamin A.

So now you know how good butter is for you – you can indulge guilt free in this healthy pleasure!

A natural traditional food that man has consumed for centuries, it sells itself.