Our boys are adorable and adoptaBULL!

Are your paddocks overrun with tall grass? Is your Zero-turn not keeping up with the demand? Are you pining for that special ‘someone’ in your life? Well look no further than our AdoptaBULL’s program! We’ve rehomed so many of our boys and are always looking for more passionate carers.

You must have experience with rearing calves, the time to care for them and the space for them to run and graze. Rearing a calf is a rewarding but demanding task.


“In 2017 a friend of my mum’s read one of Mungalli Creek Dairy’s adds on facebook about their fantastic Adopt a Bull Program. My journey with our two boys began their.  ‘Billy’ and ‘Cronk’ arrived on our property. They were only a few weeks old, and still needed my love and care. At one stage we thought our baby ‘Cronk’ would not make it, but he proved us wrong. Many early mornings later, they are now big three year olds, but still adore- a -bull. The boys have helped further my knowledge and understanding for yet another one of our agriculture industries.” #youngruralambassadorrunnerup2020