Our family have been dairy farmers for generations. Three generations have farmed on our Millaa Millaa property and a few years ago we travelled to Cumbria in the north of England to visit the family dairy farm that had been farmed by Watsons for hundreds of years!

So you would expect I would love dairy in all of its myriad of forms.

However I am lactose intolerant and always found it hard to enjoy any of our milk or yoghurts. When we were kids my brothers and sister would enjoy an icy cold jug of milk straight from the vat whereas I would always go for a glass of water – milk just didn’t agree with me.

When we started Mungalli Creek Dairy I was frustrated that I couldn’t enjoy any of our great products and started looking for a natural way to allow more people like me to eat our dairy foods.

Lactose is simply a sugar that some adults find hard to digest as they lack the enzyme that breaks lactose down to simpler sugars.

After a lot of research we discovered that you can simply add this same enzyme to the milk before it is packed and lactose intolerance becomes a thing of the past. The great thing about lactose free milk is that it significantly sweeter than the original milk because the two simple sugars that make up lactose are both a lot sweeter than the original lactose.

Happy days, I could now enjoy a nice sweet coffee without adding sugar simply by using lactose free milk instead of regular milk.

Mungalli now makes a wide range of lactose free products that include milk, flavoured milks, a Greek yoghurt range, double cream and crème fraiche and soon to come ice-cream.

So for all those people like me who love dairy but are challenged by lactose or who simply want a sweeter product without any added sugar, then our lactose free range is for you!